The Duca del Cosma Story

The Duca del Cosma Story

Since being founded in Europe two decades ago, Duca del Cosma has revolutionized the world of golf fashion with its contemporary range of shoes for modern golfers.

The premium brand combines stylish Italian design with top-quality materials and expert
hand-crafting skills to produce extremely comfortable shoes that look sensational - both on and off the golf course.

Attention to detail is the key. Only leather from the best tanneries in Europe is used to create shoes that also feature the latest cutting-edge technology, in the form of specialized footbed inserts from Arneflex® providing outstanding comfort during every round of golf. Even the laces are made from first-class waxed cotton and styles with two lace options enable owners to color-match with various outfits.

The award-winning brand was the first to introduce a spikeless golf shoe. Duca continues to push the boundaries for fashionable innovation with around 150 styles and sells across more than 50 countries around the world.

Its philosophy revolves around creating something completely different in the game of golf. That's why it offers lines of both technical golf shoes and lifestyle sneakers that can be worn for sports, leisure and even business occasions.

Duca del Cosma always looks to be at the forefront of global fashion trends and technology that can add value to its luxury products.

Caroline and Frank Wezel of Duca Del Cosma

Caroline and Frank van Wezel


Renowned sports shoe innovator Frank van Wezel, who founded and developed the highly successful international HI-TEC brand, now owns Duca del Cosma and runs the operation from the head office in The Netherlands, his native country. As company Chairman, his personal email address is printed inside every shoebox, so customers can give him feedback and be sure it will be studied and followed up by the man at the top.

It's this personal touch and customer focus that helps to define the brand.

Duca del Cosma – Italian Golf Evolution!