Golf Shoe Technology - Duca del Cosma

Duca del Cosma Golf Shoe Technology

Our Outsoles

Duca del Cosma Airplay III outsole

Airplay III Outsole

  • Original classic DDC sole
  • High quality, lightweight TPU sole designed with comfort and flexibility in mind
  • Lateral stabilizers and 5mm cone-shaped nubs to provide traction and stability
  • Heightened heel, guaranteeing perfect stance
Duca del Cosma Airplay VI outsole

Airplay VI Outsole

  • Lightweight TR sole combines function and fit for on or off the course
  • 5mm cone-shaped nubs across complete outsole generate progressive stability during swing to ensure optimal grip
  • Cushioning across sole area
  • Integrated bumper (front) protection
  • Heightened heel, guaranteeing perfect stance
Duca del Cosma Airplay VII outsole

Airplay VII Outsole

  • DDC outsole for the fashion-conscious golfer
  • First golf sole ever with glitter in the nubs
  • High quality TR sole designed for function, comfort, and flexibility
  • Integrated bumper (front) protection
Duca Outsole

Duca Outsole

  • An all-around sole, designed to be worn on or off the golf course
  • Lightweight TR function sole with star-shaped 2mm-5mm nubs for optimal grip
  • Integrated DDC logo
  • Sidewalls held in place by a seam channel

Our Materials and Construction


Duca del Cosma only processes high-quality calfskin and cowhide leather from Italy. For the exterior of our shoes, we only use the more resistant grain side of the leather. We treat our leather with a hydrophobic treatment directly after tanning to make it water-repellent without altering its natural characteristics.

Waterproof Shoe Membranes

A membrane is like a wall separating liquids and gas. Liquids can't enter, but vapor may escape, making our shoes waterproof while also being breathable.

For the interior finishing of Duca del Cosma shoes, we use a microfiber material with a membrane and waterproof tape sealing. We focus on testing waterproofness and functionality to ensure your feet remain constantly dry, while still being able to “breathe”. The upper leather has been treated in regular intervals to ensure humidity runs off and does not soak in, so that it maintains its suppleness. We guarantee our shoes are waterproof under normal wearing circumstances and up to 1.75" on the shoe from the ground.

Diagram of layers of Duca del Cosma golf shoe construction