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All our golf shoes are handcrafted in Europe and designed in Italy.

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Golfing is a sport where every detail can matter for performance on the golf course. And that includes the golf shoes you wear. As an avid golfer, you are always looking for the perfect golf shoes that combine style, comfort, and performance. A brand that offers style, comfort, and performance, but also uniqueness and quirkiness, is the Italian brand Duca Del Cosma.

Duca Del Cosma focuses on producing high-quality golf shoes with a unique and quirky design. All of our golf shoes are designed by our in-house design team in Italy and handcrafted in Europe. The brand distinguishes itself from other golf shoe brands by focusing on style and comfort without compromising on performance. This means that Duca Del Cosma golf shoes not only look stylish but are also comfortable to wear during golfing. Additionally, the shoes perform at top-level on the golf course. That hole in one has never been closer!

Duca del Cosma has been a pioneer in the development of spikeless golf shoes from the start. By investing heavily in research and development, we can proudly say that Duca del Cosma has a leading role in the technological advancements of golf shoes worldwide. The brand offers a wide range of styles, from classic, sporty, and even a real Pro collection! This means that there is a pair of shoes for every golfer that fits their personal style and preference.

Finding the perfect golf shoes can be a challenge. The shoes not only need to be stylish and comfortable, but they also need to improve performance on the golf course. The golf shoes are available in different sizes and widths, so every golfer can find a pair of shoes that perfectly fit their feet. Moreover, many of our golf shoes are waterproof, which means that the feet stay dry regardless of the weather conditions. At the same time, our golf shoes are made of breathable material, which ensures comfort even during warm days on the golf course.

Especially for the colder and wetter days on the golf course, we have created a special winter golf shoe collection. This entire collection of golf shoes is waterproof, provides extra support during the swing on wet golf courses, and keeps your feet warm!

If you are looking for high-quality golf shoes that are not only stylish and comfortable but also unique and quirky, then Duca Del Cosma is an excellent choice. Choose extreme comfort without compromising on the performance of the golf shoes!